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Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspired by "The Way"

Sara and I watched "The Way" over the weekend. A very non-typical movie. It stars Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.  Produced also by them. It is the story of a man who decides to walk the Camino del Santiago... I won't give any more away. It made me think of the importance of community and the mystery of a person's life.
It inspired me to write a enjoy a little something new.

Stomping down the road
silent amid the walking sea
holding tight to something that
but which once made one from two
A mixture of love, special-ness, pain,
loneliness, sorrow and passion. A passion
which outruns flesh and time. Bursting
into the time when apart-ness is.
Trying to guard the heart
from finding again what it
seeks and experiencing the aftermath it fears.
But the heart tires of not loving.
It forgets and of a moment falls
into the eternal habit of unity.
Fires rekindled work dried fuel
Heat mounts without smoke- light
betrays transformation.
Lips may not their fellow pilgrims meet,
but sharing unasked for bridges
chasms and renews memories. Every
story has its companion. Every road has a
detour that becomes a highway.
Each moment its travelers and its
bystanders. Dreams bursting through
time-bound eyes trying to find
their dreamers. Walkers slow and
then stop as others begin their orbit.
Fear becomes a memory. Two tracks
join and become a path. Companions
become sharers of their hearts'
breath. Together they whisper to others
,"Come forget with us."
Heaped up fuel more easily
sparks even damp skeptics.
Thread the eye of the needle
together. Find your way through
the torturous windings of pain, along the
side-roads of loneliness,
explore the back-alleys of sorrow,
push into the thickets of passion
until the dross is burned out of the mixture.
Lightening- lightning- the walker until
not stomping
he floats
 beyond where he once was.
At the edge of the sea
adding a voice to the whispering
 of waves.


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  1. Just catching up on blog reading ... you are the second person to talk about that movie. I have a feeling Justin & I should watch it; however, I am afraid it will only make us want to live the life less ordinary again ...


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